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Hellish Intro 
06:45pm 09/10/2008
mood: calm
Hi just joined and wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Lina and I've always been interested in Hell and the concept of an eternity of suffering etc since I was a little girl.
I'm really interested to see what other's have to say and I hope I will become an active member.
11:21pm 27/04/2006
  Just introducing myself. I'm a sadomasochist (heavy on the sado-) with a blasphemy fetish, and if that don't add up to Hell, I don't know what does.

So, yeah. Hi.
Dark Eden's Last Show Till February, at the Hook! TONIGHT! 
11:28am 23/12/2005

our next show will be our FINAL NYC SHOW UNTIL FEBRUARY!!! That's right. We are going to give our NYC friends and fans one final show for 2005, before we use the month of January to work on new material, train new members, and record. We will be playing the Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 16 Commerce Street, on Friday, December 23rd, with Nekronet, Deimos, Encryption, End of an Era, and S.O.A.L. As I said, this is our final NYC performance for two months, so don't miss it! It is 18 and over to enter, $8 with a special printable flyer, $10 without.

Dark Eden go on at 9:45PM, and doors open at 8pm.

Take the B61 to Van Brunt and Commerce Streets. The club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St on Commerce

By Train:

Take the F to Carroll Street. Walk over to Henry Street and 4th Place. Proceed to walk over the Coles St. footpath. Make a left on the sidewalk. Make a soft left on Luquer Street which turns into Commerce Street at Columbia Street. The club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St on Commerce.

Via the Brooklyn Bridge:
Via the Brooklyn Bridge:
Stay to the left at the end of the span, continue going straight for eight lights, and make a right onto Atlantic Avenue. After going under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (278) make a left onto Columbia Street and stay on it until it ends. Make a right onto Hamilton Avenue and a left onto Van Brunt Street at the traffic light. Make a left onto Commerce Street and the club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St. (You can also take 278 West and follow those directions.)

Via the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel:
Exit Hamilton Ave. Continue on Hamilton. Make left under highway. Make Left on Hamilton. Make Left on Van Brunt. Make Left on Commerce St. The club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St.

Via the Manhattan Bridge:
Follow signs for 278 West and then follow 278 West directions.

From the 278 West:
Take 278 west to Atlantic Avenue. Make a left off the exit on Columbia Street. Make a right onto Degraw, a left on Van Brunt and another left on Commerce St. The club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St.

From 278 East:

Exit 26B, Hamilton Ave. Continue on Hamilton . Make Left on Van Brunt. Make Left on Commerce St. The club is located between Richards St. and Columbia St.
06:55pm 12/12/2005
  This is huge news! very soon, a 2-disc 25th anniversery edition of Cannibal Holocaust is going to be released for the first time ever in america! this film is considered the most controversial film ever made and was banned in almost every country after its initial release(although it is now one of the highest grossing films ever in japan. silly asians) and even got the director arrested for murder! he actually had to bring all the actors to the court he was in to prove they were all still alive. they later sent him to prison for animal cruelty when it was expressed that all the animal sacrifices in the film are real. while the offical release date is still in the air, its expected to come out sometime early '06. now for some PICS!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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01:59pm 28/10/2005
  i just started a comm called bizzare_bizzare, check it out.  
09:33pm 17/10/2005
mood: amused
so i'm sitting here watching Hellraiser and i wonder to myself "i wonder how im going to die."

Your death will be murder....Most likely because
your a very social person and everyone knows
you, but there is one person lurking in the
shadows that is so jealous of you or is so
obsessed they end up killing you...There are
many ways of being murdered...it depends on the
person, but your death will either be slow and
painful (like being stabed to death) or quiek
and painless (like a gunshot to the head).

How Will You Die And Why? .:Beautiful Dark Pics:.
brought to you by Quizilla

i don't know where they got that social person thing, i hate people. most of them are assholes. i do hope to be murdered some day, i think it would be cool to be the victim of a serial killer. a really good one like a Dahmer or a Gacy or maybe even, dare i wish, an Albert Fish. that would be incredible.

09:58pm 06/10/2005
mood: and aroused
greetings, how is everyone. i'm a 19 year old performance artist/film maker. new here, thought id introduce myself and say ive had a fantasy about having sex with a corpse.

09:38am 28/03/2005
mood: Evil and horny
Salutations. I have an interesting story: I saw this almost angelic guy, and saw his soul was quite powerful, so naturally, I possessed him so I could get his soul. Unfortunately for me, his spirit seemed to have a mind of it's own, and every time I tried to make the boy sin, he somehow evaded it. Like for example, he had this bitch of a girlfriend, who was so close to fucking him, then the night before they decided to fuck, they broke up. Everything from swearing to killing, he just cannot do it!

Name: Nivek, named by the person he possessed, Guido
Age: Guido's 20
Location: Why the hell should I tell you?

How did you find this community?: I searched "sin" on LJ

What made you join?: Demons are lustful, mind you.

Give a brief description of your fetish[es]: torture, bondage, watching young virgins squirm with lust

One word: Sex. Or death. How about rape? That qualifies as BOTH!
09:04am 19/03/2005
mood: awake
just curious if anybody in the tri-state area can help construct a usable cross. one sturdy enough that someone could go on it safely. i figure since this falls in the category of blasphemy, someone here might be able to help. i have a few projects i'd like to use it for...
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this is all true, please read. . . 
01:02am 16/03/2005
mood: okay
my name is michelle, i'm 23 and a libra, hailing from the eastern u.s. okay, where shall i begin? well i've had dreams about demons for several years, in these dreams (as well as other dreams) i have wings and a white light comes out of me, which chases the demons away. i've always believed in God, however i wasn't the christian i should have been. i've always been interested in the occult, and that's where it really begins.
i aquired a homemade ouija board (august 2004) from my boyfriend (now husband) and to my amazement it worked quite well. i befriended a demon that claimed that he wanted to repent and loved me. at that time i could feel him but not see or hear. i loved him too, he talked with me everyday. he told me aggressive ones were after me at times and that i should use my white light on them. sooo, one day he's like "beware, angel. . ." and i then had the pleasure or displeasure rather of meeting lucifer. i was immediately under his spell. i was highly curious, yet afraid. i almost gave myself over to him actually, but God didn't let that happen, not completely anyways. lucifer was facinated by the fact that i thought he should repent, and told me he would try. he said that i'm a light bearing angel like him and in fact his lost love lilith. naturally this freaked me out. but i was drawn in by him and talked to him everyday and fell in love with him. we made love, shared secrets, and dreamed together. i developed the ability to see him and hear him without the ouija board. actually once i saw him coporially. he's very big and of course has wings, dark curly hair and big blue eyes. he's very handsome. one side anyways. he has another side that's red and has goat horns, like the sterotypical devil. like his appearance he seemed to have a split personality, one side acts like he is sorry and loves God and one wants to be God. he entered and still enters my dreams all the time. for the longest time he acted like he wanted to be a good angel, but i'm not so sure about that. anyways, he claims that he's in love with me. we actually married astrally. i found out that my element is air, my number 9, my planet venus, and my direction east, all like him. all this time i never wanted to be evil or going against God almighty, and lucifer claimed that's why he loves me so very much. he actually encouraged me alot of the time to be Gods and Jesus' child. however other times he asked me for my soul (and still does). Finally, God brought me to my senses when i had a panic attack, that i feel sure lucifer brought on. he said it was to test my faith in God, it felt like i was being killed. i prayed to the most high God to save me, and he did. i've since became a devout follower of Christ, and i've never been so happy ever. i'm so unworthy, yet he showed me mercy. this experience ironically brought me closer to God. Father works miracles in my life daily. lucifer, however, remains with me, as a test of faith i guess or perhaps b/c i married him. he says i'm his queen and godess and that he'll never go, even if i am going home to Christ in the end. lucifer said that is what he wanted, because he loves me. of course he could be lieing. never the less God is protecting me from the mighty armies of hell. hell is a very real place, don't be fooled. fallen angels are very real, and i pity them. i pray for them and us. i'm not sure how to feel about lucifer, i do know he's evil, yet there's still a place for him in my heart, and does enjoy hurting people, please do not give yourselves to him. perhaps he does have a loving side, he claims to anyways, but he'll never be the angel he once was until he gives up this futile fight against our Father. i know this world hurts, but you can find peace through God and His precious son Jesus Christ. please give them a chance, they laid it upon my heart to write this testimony to you, if it wasn't for them i would not be here telling you this. the end is at hand, repent and be children of the most high God, for he is the one that instills light and love with in us.
your local heavenly messenger
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Dark Eden @ NYC Goth Rock Fest 2/26/05 
08:26am 25/02/2005

Dark Eden are proud to announce our part in Lo-Fi Entertainment's NYC GOTH ROCK FESTIVAL, on Feburary 26th, 2005. We will be playing at 9PM, sharp, and will be joined by the bands Folk Fiction (8pm), Anathema Device (10PM), Hate in the Box (11PM), Vulgaras (Midnight), Losing Venus (1am), and Things Outside the Skin (2am). The show is 21 and over (and believe me, we will make that mean something...hehe), and the event starts at 8pm. Get there early, so you don't miss our performance. We will be, as has become our custom as of late, playing more songs from our upcoming LP, Jehovah's Sickness, as well as songs from Rock Me Asmodeus. Only $10 to get in. No flyer needed.

In the meantime, those who pre-ordered the Rock Me Asmodeus album, many many moons ago, will soon receive a special bonus CD that will include most of the Das Experiment Teil Eine show, as well as a few other live tracks! Look for that in late March/early April.

Extra points to anyone who can tell me what the background of our flyer is...
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05:09pm 24/11/2004
mood: devious
i've looked over this community. i think it's incredibly interesting.

i myself have had a very fetishized response to hell since i've grown out of my christian upbringing.

i'm not entirely sure what to put in intro posts..

so a simple "hello" will have to do.
11:09pm 11/11/2004
mood: sleepy
I never have time to post much on LJ but thought I'd at least join here anyway. Like most others seem to say who join here, It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this. I was brought up not to believe in the place and still don't, but always found it intrigueing. Even when I was little I had a morbid fascination with it that surfaced in a lot of my drawings.

But what's OUT there on the web, anyway? Some good stories have been posted here, but they're almost all I've ever seen. Searching for any erotica of infernal nature has always just brought up the same old (usually badly drawn) tentacle anime art and two or three common stories. There's plenty of stuff with demons, sure, but not much that takes place on their home turf (and when it does, it's usually demons with other demons, which isn't as interesting as hearing the hideous fates of human souls. Don't even get me started on the joyful, happy, cutesy type stories)...are there any sites out there where I might find some good stories and/or art? Or is the fetish really that rare? This is one of the few/only places I've even seen it acknowledged.
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Dark Eden/Vulgaras @ Alchemy, 313 Bowery, NYC, NY - 9/27/04 
06:28pm 24/09/2004

Our next show will be on September 27th, 10PM, at CBGB's 313 Gallery. Come see the new lineup of Reverend Charles Lupula (vocals), Kleibold Harris (guitar), Valium Joy (keyboards), the returning Gia Iscariot (guitar), and new bassist, Bastet Alostrael. Of course, we are also joined by special guest drummer, Goddess Diana of Vulgaras, who also happen to be the headlining band for the evening. Come see our return and hear the debut of the new song, "Double Plus Ungood," from our upcoming second full-length CD, Jehovah's Sickness! This is the strongest lineup, to date, of the band, and this show will be one to be remembered. It's $5 to enter. The club is 16 and over to enter, 21 to drink.

10:37pm 03/08/2004
02:58pm 09/07/2004
  Hey I just made a community for art and art lovers...


Please join...and bring ALL your Bosch paintings here!

04:40am 12/04/2004
  okay, i completely stole this from the "circus fetish" community i am also a part of, but i thought it was a good way for people here to learn who we each are and to learn what we want a little more of in this community. do me a favor and fill it out with your own info and post it here.

Name: Reverend Charles Lupula
Age: in my mid-to-late twenties ;)
Location: New York City

How did you find this community?: i created it.

What made you join?: i realized i couldn't be the only person who has thought about being eternally punished and found themselves aroused.

Give a brief description of your fetish[es]: cages, golden showers, bondage, phobias, girls with big black wings lol.

One word: onion. just the first word that popped into my head.
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Demon Quiz 
02:57am 24/03/2004
Namaru: The Devils

Once belonging to the House of the Dawn and serving
as Gods heralds to the rest of the heavenly
host, the Devils were the standard bearers of
the Creators will and the champions of
humanity. Now they use their charisma and
powers of persuasion to twist mortal and
immortal minds alike to serve their own

Choose your Place in Hell.
brought to you by Quizilla

I made this quiz a LONG time ago for a game I never played. Would everyone do me the small favor of taking it, posting your results, and telling me what you thought of it?
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I'm new ... 
07:30pm 21/03/2004
mood: crazy
Hello, just wanted to say I'm new and I think this is a pretty fucking cool group! I will try to post a longer message another time....Ciaociao + muah
what do you want to see? 
02:39pm 26/01/2004
mood: creative
i see a lot of new faces here, but very few seem to be posting. still the posts that i have seen are very much in keeping with the spirit of this community. still, i want to see more audience participation. feel free to discuss things here and to leave comments.

also, what do you, as a member of this community, want to see here? do you want to see more short stories? more pictures of the nature of our last post? more articles or links to hell-related iconology? discussions of classical depictions of hell and their sexual nature (i mean bosch sure loved stuffing things up people's asses) or do you want to see something you haven't seen here yet. there are 23 members of this community. let's see 23 opinions on what should/shouldn't be here. this is your community too. let us let this sick little corner of the web thrive.