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what do you want to see?

i see a lot of new faces here, but very few seem to be posting. still the posts that i have seen are very much in keeping with the spirit of this community. still, i want to see more audience participation. feel free to discuss things here and to leave comments.

also, what do you, as a member of this community, want to see here? do you want to see more short stories? more pictures of the nature of our last post? more articles or links to hell-related iconology? discussions of classical depictions of hell and their sexual nature (i mean bosch sure loved stuffing things up people's asses) or do you want to see something you haven't seen here yet. there are 23 members of this community. let's see 23 opinions on what should/shouldn't be here. this is your community too. let us let this sick little corner of the web thrive.
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