ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote in hellishfetish,

Dark Eden @ NYC Goth Rock Fest 2/26/05

Dark Eden are proud to announce our part in Lo-Fi Entertainment's NYC GOTH ROCK FESTIVAL, on Feburary 26th, 2005. We will be playing at 9PM, sharp, and will be joined by the bands Folk Fiction (8pm), Anathema Device (10PM), Hate in the Box (11PM), Vulgaras (Midnight), Losing Venus (1am), and Things Outside the Skin (2am). The show is 21 and over (and believe me, we will make that mean something...hehe), and the event starts at 8pm. Get there early, so you don't miss our performance. We will be, as has become our custom as of late, playing more songs from our upcoming LP, Jehovah's Sickness, as well as songs from Rock Me Asmodeus. Only $10 to get in. No flyer needed.

In the meantime, those who pre-ordered the Rock Me Asmodeus album, many many moons ago, will soon receive a special bonus CD that will include most of the Das Experiment Teil Eine show, as well as a few other live tracks! Look for that in late March/early April.

Extra points to anyone who can tell me what the background of our flyer is...
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