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What a Wonderful Nightmare

A Journey into the Eroticism of Eternal Punishment

Hellish Fetish
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Having been raised a Catholic and being constantly told I was going to Hell, I eventually came to accept it. Even though I have since realized that there isn't a god, thus there isn't a Hell, I was always fascinated by the thought of it. To be taken to a place, forever, where your screams are eternal, where you are stripped of everything, even hope, where one is naked and ashamed and insane, it always had me interested. Who wanted to go to Heaven, when Hell had all that going on for it? And if one is a masochist, what is heaven and what is hell are reversed, are they not?

This community was created for people who are aroused by, fascinated by, and just plain interested in the concept of the sexualization of Hell. When anything is forbidden, it tends to find an element of fetish associated with it, and the concept of "eternal damnation" is no different. From the blatant S&M leanings of the cenobites in Clive Barker's Hellraiser to the constant anal penetration apparent in the works of Hieronymus Bosch to the very dark sexuality of the tortures inflicted by Christian Inquisitors to the very concept of being trapped, forever, naked and afraid, in a place where your worst fears and nightmares are stripped bare and you endure unbearable tortures for eternity, there is a definite sexual aspect to Hell.

This community is for people to post pictures/art of that nature, to recount their fantasies and dreams of eternal suffering, to tell erotic hell-related stories, to join in fetishized-Hell-related activities (bands, plays, etc...) and to tell how their childhood fear of damnation eventually became a source of arousal. Do not be afraid to be crass or shocking here, as the subject lends itself to that, just avoid trying to be "cool" to impress us all with some over-the-top tale or incredibly vulgar picture. It is best you be yourself. If you are truly turned on by this, then you will be a lot more interesting than someone trying to let everyone in the community know they are "evil."

This is a moderated community and I do not like lurkers. If you are going to join, you should participate. Introduce yourself, tell us why you are here, tell us what it is about this subject that intrigues you, and then join in the fun. If you join, you have 7 days to post something or I will remove you from the community. Just a simple introduction or whatever.

And so now that we know where we are going...